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International Academy of Languages is one of India’s leading educators, with focus on diverse segments of language education and across learners of multiple age-groups. We provide training in foreign languages such as German, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin (Chinese), Japanese & aid in the development and refinement of Spoken English communication skills. We are Member of British Council IELTS Partnership Programme

IAOL was initiated by a team of IIT, P&G & Indian Oil corporate alumni, with 20+ years of living & working experience in 5 developed countries, with an aim to fill the huge gap in what’s needed vs. what’s available for language & personality training in India & become one of the preferred language training academy in the region for candidates planning to grow exponentially in their careers.


Language Academy by IIT Alumni

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Member of British Council IELTS Partnership Programme

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Our Expert Trainers

Sonali Peres Spanish Trainer

Sonali P

Spanish Trainer
Rashmi Damani English Trainer

Rashmi D

English Trainer
Gayatri Nerurkar German Trainer

Gayatri N

German Trainer

Panchita S

Mandarin Trainer
Resham IELTS Trainer


IELTS Trainer
Jaydeep Deshmukh Japanese Trainer

Jaydeep D

Japanese Trainer
Untitled design (4)

Parul S

English Trainer


Mandarin Trainer

Harshita A

French & English Trainer

Sunil Y

IELTS Trainer
rinle gami-new

Surabhi P

German Trainer

Neha D

German Trainer

Rachel D

IELTS Trainer

Jimit S

Spanish Trainer

Bhagwati N

French Trainer


  • I joined the classes for IELTS ACADEMIC and my trainer was Rachel Ma’am. She is very helpful and also clear the doubts by giving personal attention. I had a great experience. Thankful to the staff as well as trainer for their corporation.

    Shreya Rudani

  • I have studied under the guidance of Resham ma’am and Sunil Sir both of them have been a great help and a mentor to me. They also put efforts in solving any doubts and also helped me improve my vocabulary and speaking skills. The staff also is very co-operative and my overall experience with this academy is excellent.

    Tanmay Sawant

  • The one – stop solution for German language. Neha Deorukhkar ma’am teaches extremely well.

    Dominic Savio Chettiar

  • Overall good experience with good study material and specially mock tests(not limited) helps to gain confidence.Sunil sir taught from the basics and covered all the aspects necessary for IELTS coaching.

    Rushali Thakkar

  • My Experience with Rashmi madam is very good. She teaches English language very clearly which gives confidence to the students to speak in English. The students who are not confident also feel encouraged in her class.She identifies your weak areas and improve them.I also liked the impromptu speech tat every student has to give in every class. The topics are simple and unique.i really liked the class.


  • I have taken IELTS Class from Sunil Sir and Resham mam. Both gave me personal attention and techniques to crack IELTS with significant bands. I have taken spoken english classes from Ashrita mam who has enhanced my confidence and communication skills Staff here are helpful and friendly. They are always willing to help for arranging mock test and make sure that a course conducted in smooth manners. I recommend all my friends to join IAOL.

    Namrata Gala

  • Experience of learning French with Bhagwati Mam was great. She made understanding in simple and easy way.

    Mrugakshi Raut

  • My experience with Mona tamane Mam is very excellent…She teach german language…The way her teaching is perfect…explains everything very easily…She motivates and bring self confidence in us…her lecture has fun+learning

    Rinle Gami

  • I chose the skype remote sessions for training as i was overseas. Got my ielts SCORE OF 8 Overall.

    – Dedicated Faculty, quick response time, flexible timings. – I wish there was a bit more time per session, but still not bad. – Was trained under Mrs Resham and my application was managed by Stuti Chawlani. – Assignments were checked and communication was regular – Trained for just 9 days total effectively (my ielts test was in 9 days) – If you are a bit sincere u would surely make it for a good score – Most important is to be able to comprehensively remember format of each section very conciously, which was stressed upon enoug and was successfully drilled into my memory. This helped me to stay focused in my test. – I got a score of 8 overall. In such less time i could only hope for 8 and i eventually got it so am satisfied.

    P V

  • Studying French sounds good but when you actually start studying you will feel it’s super different and difficult but for this negative words makes positive and fun to learn when you have a teacher like Arnab. He is a teacher who is available to answer your questions in the classes and after the class too.. I am happy that I chose International Academy to learn French. 

    Jerusha Ranshinge

    HR Manger at Global Goal Hospitality Pvt Ltd

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Importance of Learning English in Today’s World

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What is IELTS and Why You Need Classes For it?

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In today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, proficiency in other languages is a vital skill that gives you the opportunity to have the extra edge in your CV. You can engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way—whether you are working with MNC in your own country or thousands of miles away—while better preparing you to compete and succeed in the global economy. Learning a new Language also opens doors to many Universities for aspiring students pursuing further studies. For e.g. German Universities offering PG courses are also offering Scholarships to merited students there by making studying abroad affordable.

When you think about the languages you would like to learn, consider your future plans and think about how you see yourself in the coming years. Language experts from IAOL often say that language learning depends on personal preferences and practical reasons to master a language. So though learning a new language is like adding a new tool to your kit, you should definitely decide on the basis of the use of the tool in future. For e.g. For people working in Banking sector or Import export business have shown preference towards Mandarin vs People working in Energy sector such as Oil & gas have shown interest in learning Spanish. It is important to discuss your career plans with the expert to get a better guidance on choice of Language learning.

Learning has no age as long as you are determined. But scientific researches researchers think that early adolescence is the optimal time. For Indian, who live in a multilingual environment, it is easy to catch a new language.

Becoming proficient in a language takes time, but one can definitely get familiarised with a language in short span. Every language has its own duration of training such as a Basic level course of 2 months introduces you to basic familiar expressions in the Language such as Self-Introduction, Conducting yourself in public places such as Airport or Restaurants. So there is no fixed answer to this question as the duration will depend on variables such as choice of language, proficiency you wish to achieve, learning capability of individuals etc.

Irrespective, whether you take up online mode or offline mode of classes, our courses are based on learning the four basic skills.
Listening Reading Writing Speaking
Our curriculum is designed such that it involves immersing yourself in the language by hearing, reading and speaking it as much as possible.
These often involve a set time commitment each week, homework assignments, quizzes and all the other fun stuff you’d expect from courses. A small group of people wanting to learn the language undergoes the curriculum with our expert trainer to the most beneficial fashion for each and every student.


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