Business English


Business English

English has become the universal language developed for businesses across the globe. English unites companies and people from various backgrounds, languages, creed, and they enable them to interact effectively and efficiently. It is the reason why business English is so essential to learn if you wish to work and excel in this field. To have a good grasp of the English Language that you can apply for business which will be an attractive tool for employers.

If you wish to work and live in English speaking countries like the USA, or the UK, you will be required to understand the basic English business terms. Especially if you are finding work in your concerned field, then Learning Business English at the International Academy of Language can be a perfect choice. We help you to be proficient in English that can increase your job placement opportunities in the multinational company in your home country or to find work abroad. It is also the language of international communication, the internet, and the news media. It makes English essential for entertainment and socializing along with work.

To speak and understand more than one language can be better for your personal development and increases the chances of selection for various roles in the global world trade. But there can also occur other career-related benefits to benefit with foreign language proficiency. 

Why Business English considered so superior?

The growing number of studies have looked into cognitive effects, and some findings recommend that speaking other languages such as Business English can advantage people’s general business skills.

  • Better decision – Research shows that people become more logical and take better decisions when using their second and non-native language. As reported by researchers, it is sure why this can be the case. Why do people think rationally in a foreign language but its idea has something to do with the psychological distance idea.
  • Improved perception – The latest research tells that bilingual child are now able to understand another person’s perspective than those who speak only a single language. It can result in improved perception – the essential skill in the world of business. Such an attribute can be helpful to people who relate to each other and negotiate it more successfully.
  • Powerful relationships – Language skills expose speakers to various cultures and patterns of behaviour. For an international business that deals with customers, employees, and suppliers across the world, multilingualism bridges gaps between cultures and fosters strong relationships on which good business relationships depend on.

How can you apply for the Business English course at the International academy of language?

Here at IAOL, we offer a comprehensive business English learning course which covers presentation in meetings, advertising, marketing, clients relationship, and sales pitches. Here you will be able to learn the skills that you need to work well in the international business conditions, improving your business English terms and grammar all the way. You will practice writing, reading, speaking, and listening in the business context to boost your working chances and can help you to get the job you wish.

What are the benefits you get by learning Business English for a career?

There are many reasons you can get by learning business English for a bright future – 

  • It will be helpful for you to interact in a better way with your colleagues. 
  • It is essential to deliver speeches and presentations.
  • You will improve your vocabulary and pronunciation that always leaves a great first impression.
  • It enables you to travel.
  • It provides you with the edge in other jobs also.
  • It allows you to express yourself in the proficiency in a language which everyone understands,

What you can expect


English for the Work Place


Soft Skills Development


Comprehensive training in Public Speaking


Corporate English

Advantages of Joining the Course:


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