Future of Foreign Languages in India

India, our very own motherland, is renowned for being a multicultural and linguistic nation — there are about 122 major languages and 1599 minor languages spoken all across the nation, with a whole Wikipedia article dedicated to ‘Languages Of India’. Now, with a country like this, there’s only one thing left yet to build upon — the future of foreign languages.

And why must you learn a new dialect and a new lingo? Well, here’s your answer: for a better future, for more awareness, for better growth, and most importantly, because you want to communicate. Any job-seeking individuals, working entrepreneurs, and students with aspirations to study abroad will agree with me when I say that markets for a brighter future are increasing in other nations – they’re untapped potentials for your growth. A degree from Harvard and a degree from a local Bandra college make a huge difference. A consumer market in China and a market in India will be extremely unique in their own way. The job opportunities in India and Canada are wayyy different.

Each language has its own beauty, and to understand the people who speak the language, you just understand the language.

An article published by Mr. Mahesh Trivedi titled as ‘Young Indians Scramble To Master Foreign Languages for Better Future’ stated a few benefits of learning the literature of a new nation, ranging from career opportunities, to understanding the consumer support industry, and embassy scholarships. “Youngsters have also taken a fancy to German, Japanese, Spanish and Mandarin for landing a lucrative job in a multinational company with the help of a curriculum vitae that boasts of a foreign language–unlike other applicants.” was worded by Mr. Mahesh Trivedi in the same aforementioned article. Truly, with benefits like these, is there any individual or brand out there who isn’t even a tiny bit interested to learn a new lingo?

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