Mandarin (Chinese) COURSE MODULE

A new trend of learning a new language is mushrooming amongst youngsters nowadays. The benefits of learning more languages are many, and boost confidence among children. Being living in global environments, we are most interested in learning new things with each passing day. Being globalized, and bilingualism can be an asset for anyone. 

Merely scoring high grades in the examination is not enough. Learning a new language is the most helpful and appreciated certification in the global market. If you are looking ahead to join a stream in which the global market will be your focus area, then bilingualism is the best thing to move ahead. Learning a new language is easy and v with the right guidance, and methodology.

International Academy of Languages is the best place for learning a new language with easy concepts and guided by experts. Located in Mumbai, we are highly appreciated in offering the best language schools in the country. Backed with experienced experts, the International Academy of Languages is the most trusted place to join for Mandarin (Chinese) Course Module. With more than two decades of experience in this realm, we are highly chosen for learning languages with basics and best concepts.

Chinese Dialect:

Chinese Dialect is one of the sixth official languages that is used by the UN. With respect, the English Chinese Dialect is a highly appreciated language around the world. The official language of China is Mandarin. This Mandarin is the name of ‘Hanyu’ and ‘Putonghua’. The Chinese language of Chinese has an easy set of rules, grammar, and vocabulary that is somewhat similar to English. With the best experts and teachers, we can offer easy and vivid methods of learning the Chinese language without a problem. Our instructors are professionals and have very long years of experience in this realm. With robust Chinese language learning plans, we with our team promise to offer the best course with perfection. 

Our curriculum is easy, organized, taking into consideration the four very important elements of this Chinese language, which includes:

  1. Written Japanese
  2. Spoken Japanese
  3. Pronunciation
  4. Grammar

Our offered Chinese courses are easy to learn with fun and conceptual methods by our teachers. Our methods are modern and filled with verbal experience too. 


  • Population advantage- With almost 1.8 billion population, China is one of the most populated countries with a high number of potential customers and markets. To work with a large market, it is always better to know their native language. With the Chinese language, you will surely have an upper hand over your competitors.
  • Competitiveness- We always wish to have better knowledge than other people around us. With the Chinese language, you can easily move ahead of your competitors earning an extra point in their eyes. 
  • Partnership with India- Being in India, it is always better to know the extra language to have a global approach and reach the potential customers easily. With the Chinese language, you can easily merge with Chinese companies as well. 
  • Business Opportunity- With expertise in the Chinese language, it is always a better chance of business opportunity and better growth globally.
  • Chinese Culture and Heritage- China is rich in culture and history. So, if you love heritage and culture, then learning the Chinese language is the best thing to do now.
  • Individual & Mental Development- Many experts say that learning a new language like Chinese can help you to boost your mental and individual development overall.


Best Learning Environment:

International Academy of Languages is the most trusted and most appreciated name in the market offering Chinese learning courses. We are the pioneers in offering Chinese courses to students all over the country with the best verbal ability. Our experts draft our courses with the utmost perfection. We promise to deliver the benevolent and expert learning condition.

At IAOL, our teachers use the right blend of knowledge and expertise to offer Chinese language perfection that will add one extra point for your career. 

Verbal Fluency

With very long years of expertise in this realm, we are perfect in delivering the fluent verbal ability in this language that can help you grow best in your career. With a few years of exercise, you can easily talk like a local native in China using Chinese. 

Best Techniques And Concepts:

The International Academy of Languages follows the best techniques and concepts in delivering elite quality Chinese learning. Our courses are formulated with the best techniques keeping in mind the psychology of the students. Using the best patterns and requirements, we are best at imparting the Chinese modules to the students that are easy to understand and use in real life.

For more queries, please write back to us. Our team will be more than happy to help you.


Level I

(30 H0UR)

Level II

(40 HOUR)

Level III

(60 HOUR)

Level IV

(80 HOUR)

Level V

(100 HOUR)

Level VI

(120 HOUR)







Panchita S

Mandarin Trainer

Gayatri N

German Trainer

Rashmi D

English Trainer



  • Studying French sounds good but when you actually start studying you will feel it’s super different and difficult but for this negative words makes positive and fun to learn when you have a teacher like Arnab. He is a teacher who is available to answer your questions in the classes and after the class too.. I am happy that I chose International Academy to learn French.

    Jerusha R - French Student

    HR Manger at Global Goal Hospitality Pvt Ltd
  • Joined for IELTS program, Really enjoyed and learned new things in every lectures.

    USP of this Institute
    1) Experienced and Lovely staff had a really good learning experience with Parag sir.
    2) Flexibility of timing
    3) Management and counseling regards to which course one should go for.
    4) Interactive and direct teacher to student learning experience
    I had a pleasant experience with Staff and this Institute I would suggest and recommend go for it.

    Ashfaque Shaikh - IELTS Student

    Propreiter @ MAC Properties
  • First time I was nervous in the class. But because of; Saurabh Sir I got confidence to speak in English with other people. I am grateful to be in this Institute. And also advise to others that to be in this institute for the language studies.

    Sandesh Shirodkar

  • Joined British Institute for advance English course. Administrator & the faculties were patient enough to understand to my concern and provided the best solutions.
    Special mention of Saurav sir and his unique style of teaching, has helped to cultivate confidence and interest in the subject.

    Sangita Naru




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