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English is the professional language of Aviation, Computers, Science, tourism, and diplomacy. Having proper English speaking skills raises your chances to get a job in a multinational company in your country or abroad. It is the language to Communicate nationally as well as internationally. Thus, it is the main reason for learning the English language at the International Academy of Languages. Our professionals will make you proficient in English and make for your career growth easy and smooth. 

Today, many people are devoting their time to learning English and many countries have the English language in their school curriculum. Children and adults are starting to learn English at a very early age. But what is the use of learning the English language?

If you are looking for new work or planning for travelling the world, learn to speak English as it can be helpful to progress in life both professionally as well as personally. You can compete in the worldwide market, raise your career skills, and begin to meet people across the globe.

So do you know why English learning is so essential? If you are planning to learn English, then join our International Academy of Language to give your career a kick start.

Few advantages to learning English:

  • Widely spoken – When you consider learning the English language, it is one of the significant factors you need to think over. Around four in ten people in the world can speak or understand English. English is considered as a handy language for communication and interaction. English is spoken majorly in almost 53 countries across the globe. It is a common language to communicate. 
  • Boost your career- English is considered as the primary language for business. It is essential to know how to speak in English with your colleagues or clients. Learning English language skills raises your opportunities to get a job in a multinational company or work abroad. Even the IELTS exam is taken to check your English proficiency. 
  • Improves your vocabulary – While pronunciation and vocabulary can be a little hard to learn, English is easy when compared to other major languages. While learning English, there are high chances your vocab will surely enhance and It will open a new gate for your career in writing, translation or any other.

What all we provide in the Spoken English course?

International Academy of Languages can help you to be proficient in the English Language – 

  • Learn English with our advanced level course.
  • Earn the certificate which can be used in your CV or resume 
  • Time to time practice sessions and mock tests 

Why choose IAOL Spoken English course?

Explore our few reasons why to study English – 

  • Be proficient in International communication – English might not be the most spoken language across the globe, but it is the official language of around 53 countries and spoken by almost 400 million people across the world. By choosing us, you will be able to communicate with English speaking nations fluently as it is the most common business language in the world. 
  • Boost your business with maintaining relations – English is the dominant language for business and has now become the need for people to speak English if they are going to work with international clients and customers. The importance of learning English in the international marketplace can not be understated. Learning English can change your life and can give a boost to your business internationally.

These are the reasons why we are famous and well known for learning English. For further information, queries, and details, contact us now and book your free appointment with our professionals at IAOL.

Spoken English


(30 H0UR)


(40 HOUR)


(40 HOUR)

Spoken English

interpersonal skill-01

Learn Language of the World

Email Etq-01

Writing, Speaking & Interacting

Public Speaking-01

Comprehensive training in Public Speaking

social & business-01

Corporate English & Soft Skills Development

Advantages of Joining the Course:

interpersonal skill-01

Interpersonal Skills Development

Leadership & Team Building-01

Helps in developing Leadership qualities


Stress & Crisis Management

Presentation Skills-01

Prepares you for GD, Meetings etc







  • Studying French sounds good but when you actually start studying you will feel it’s super different and difficult but for this negative words makes positive and fun to learn when you have a teacher like Arnab. He is a teacher who is available to answer your questions in the classes and after the class too.. I am happy that I chose International Academy to learn French.

    Jerusha R - French Student

    HR Manger at Global Goal Hospitality Pvt Ltd
  • Joined for IELTS program, Really enjoyed and learned new things in every lectures.

    USP of this Institute
    1) Experienced and Lovely staff had a really good learning experience with Parag sir.
    2) Flexibility of timing
    3) Management and counseling regards to which course one should go for.
    4) Interactive and direct teacher to student learning experience
    I had a pleasant experience with Staff and this Institute I would suggest and recommend go for it.

    Ashfaque Shaikh - IELTS Student

    Propreiter @ MAC Properties
  • First time I was nervous in the class. But because of; Saurabh Sir I got confidence to speak in English with other people. I am grateful to be in this Institute. And also advise to others that to be in this institute for the language studies.

    Sandesh Shirodkar

  • Joined British Institute for advance English course. Administrator & the faculties were patient enough to understand to my concern and provided the best solutions.
    Special mention of Saurav sir and his unique style of teaching, has helped to cultivate confidence and interest in the subject.

    Sangita Naru



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