What language is most worth learning?

Learning a new language is always fun. It brings you closer to the culture of that country and helps to know different aspects of that country. Learning a foreign language gives you a distinct edge over your contemporaries. Be it from a job perspective, as a hobby or professional requirement learning a language is sure to help you in the long run. However, many questions come in mind when you decide to opt for a language learning program. 

One of the most primitive questions that come to your mind is the language is worth learning. The answer to this question is extremely important as you will be dedicating your time and money for learning a new language and any mistake in choosing it can lead to wastage of your time and efforts. 

Here are some Foreign Languages that you may consider for learning:

  1. German: German is officially spoken in six countries i.e, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein. It is the native language of more than 100 million people across the globe. Learning German can help you incredibly and give a boost to your career by providing you with deep insights into its economy and culture. You can opt for a short term or a long term German Language Course in Mumbai to learn this language.
  2. Spanish: Spanish is one of the most popular languages and it is spoken in many countries including Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Dominican, Honduras, Spain etc. You can find a Spanish speaker across the globe. There are many Spanish Language classes in Mumbai that offer various Spanish learning courses.
  3. French: French is one of the most popular foreign languages. IT is the national language of around 14 countries and is spoken in more than 80 countries. Professional French Language Classes in Mumbai offer many French learning courses. Enrolling with one of the leading language institutes to learn this language can help you to build a strong career abroad or in India.
  4. Japanese: Japan being one of the strong forces when it comes to science and technology has paved a great path for the Japanese language. Today, learning the Japanese language can differentiate you from others and be a strong point on your curriculum vitae too. Learning the same with a Japanese Language Class in Mumbai can help you to get an immersive experience along with a decent dialect.

Now let us see some of the leading Language Institutes in Mumbai:

  1. International Academy of Languages: As the name suggests this academy provides an array of courses for various languages including German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian etc. This Language Institute has a good reputation in the market due to its panel of experienced faculties, teachers, and innovative teaching methodologies. Some of the experts in the education field design the easy to comprehend learning modules. International Academy of Languages is one of the most reputed institutes for learning international languages.  
  2. Second Tongue Language Institute: This institute has its branches in Ghatkopar and Vashi As well. This language institute offers several language courses of different levels right from beginners to advanced levels. It also offers tailor-made programs that are specifically designed for travellers and kids. The different lingos taught at this institute include Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Spanish etc.
  3. Cambridge Institute: This institute offers courses for several languages including Russian, French, German, Spanish, Japanese etc. The institute has its branches in Andheri. Ghatkopar and Kandivali. It offers several short terms, long term, certification language courses and much more. 

Learning a foreign language is always captivating and helps to enhance your communication skills. However, there are many language institutes in Mumbai, it is imperative to do comprehensive research and find the best institute to ensure a proficient command over the language. 

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